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Thread: What are your UNIQUE TO YOU safety rules in the shop?

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    In my shop I recognize three levels for safe woodworking. The first is a safe work place, meaning hazards are absent, for example poor lighting (dim or glaring) slippery floor, animals and other distractions, loose extension cords, marginal tools. Push sticks, goggles etc are in reach or in hand before I turn on the tool. The second is knowing how to do an operation safely before I do it. As Matt Day said plan the work and work the plan. We all (??) know what not to do -- the "Don'ts" but we also need to know how to do it safely. The third is discipline. If I don't have a plan I don't improvise on the spot. I sometimes leave the shop and go to the computer or books. Many little fences, fixtures and jigs have come into my shop this way.

    Two personal specifics: (1) the band saw is still dangerous until you can see the individual teeth on the band and (2) actually see where the chuck key for the drill press is before you turn it on.

    "Unique" is a high bar but I have not seen my three-part structure stated elsewhere.


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    Employee related... No radio allowed other than occasionally during menial work (cleaning)
    Sometimes I just want to look at pretty pictures,... Thats when I go to the Turners Forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Bolton View Post
    Employee related... No radio allowed other than occasionally during menial work (cleaning)
    Yes! This. I cannot stand noise in the shop other than the unavoidable tool noise. I don't see how you can focus on your work if there is music blaring.

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    Neil Young and Crazy horse must be on, rule #1.

    Rule #2 Always confirm there is TP before going #2.

    Rule #3 it's my mess, leave it be.

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    #1 - Always put my cell phone in my pocket so in case of emergency, I can call 911.

    Someone says no radio. I am opposite as the radio is the first thing I turn on after the light, then the heater (in winter). But the radio thing isn't a safety rule and hence not listed above.


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    I follow many of the rules already stated, if I make a couple of dumb mistakes I either call it a day or make it a cleaning day. When ripping on the table saw I always keep a push stick in my left hand so if something starts to go wrong and I instinctively reach in I've got something between my hand and the blade. I have trouble maintaining focus if a task is too repetitive so if I'm making a bunch of identical cuts I'll cut 4 or 5, do something else and then go back and do 4 or 5 and repeat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil Gaskin View Post
    Thanks for the vinegar epoxy tip.
    Make sure you wash off the vinegar-epoxy emulsion immediately...the vinegar "frees" or "liberates" the amines, which can then go through your skin, "sensitize" you and cause an allergic reaction to epoxy in the future.
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    I always hang my safety glasses, ear protection and push stick on my bandsaw blade tension release lever. In order to do so, I have to release the tension. This way, every time I go to use my saw, I have to remove (and use) all this safety stuff to engage the lever. It's a big change of mindset going from primarily handtools to a machine to remember using safety gear.

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    Not 'unique', but some standard ones I have to remind myself because 'I can always do better'.

    Loose fitting clothing - My shop is marginally heated and I like loose flannel shirts as a top layer. Button down the cuffs, and tuck it in, or take it off for power tools. Luckily (or unluckily), long hair is not a problem....

    Dont rush! - I get limited shop time so try to do too much. Causes mistakes, but also is a safety issue. Remind myself that the time/journey is supposed to be enjoyed and the outcome of nice quality. (I am a hobbiest) (background music actually helps me slow down since it creates a pleasant environment)

    Clean up! - again I get in a rush and dont spend enough time cleaning up. That plus my shop is still not 'finished' and there is not yet 'a place for everything'. Clutter causes stress, and is a safety issue.

    This also means, to actually COMPLETE a project every now and then. I used to joke: "You cannot have too many projects 85% complete...." (a lot of truth is said in jest!). One contributor to keeping my shop organized is completing projects and clearing all the material tools and space (including house/construction projects, restoring tractors, etc etc)

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    I take off my wedding ring after having it caught on a part on the lathe.


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    This is a good thread, safety is a word becoming glazed over so to speak. I work in the helicopter maintenance business and it is safety safety safety all the time and for good reason. There is no shoulder to pull over on it you have a problem. That being said, I promote; safety is an attitude and no policy will fix any problem if the attitude is not there. In our shops we have shoulders, we gleefully call them shop stools. This time of the year a multitude of wood workers are in a hurry to get all the "handmade gifts" to all the family and friends by Christmas day. We have "policies" to start this work on July but I'm going to guess that most are like me and it always comes down to the wire. I am working the next two days to get things done to send out by Wednesday. The best safety tip I can add is pull over once in a while "place your keester on the stool" Have a cup of coffee and collect your thoughts. This allows your common sense to surface and you safety attitude to reset.
    In a world of safety safety safety drivin deep all the time I think people tend to become white washed and let common sense go out the door. What we do can get you seriously hurt, we all know that so take a minute and think.
    Have a good Christmas everyone, even if a gift is late chances are it will still be appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Colombo View Post
    I take off my wedding ring after having it caught on a part on the lathe.

    Due to the nature of my work and hobby I wear wedding rings like a nice watch......when I take the misses out on the town. No bling bling for this fella!