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Thread: What are your UNIQUE TO YOU safety rules in the shop?

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    In my shop I recognize three levels for safe woodworking. The first is a safe work place, meaning hazards are absent, for example poor lighting (dim or glaring) slippery floor, animals and other distractions, loose extension cords, marginal tools. Push sticks, goggles etc are in reach or in hand before I turn on the tool. The second is knowing how to do an operation safely before I do it. As Matt Day said plan the work and work the plan. We all (??) know what not to do -- the "Don'ts" but we also need to know how to do it safely. The third is discipline. If I don't have a plan I don't improvise on the spot. I sometimes leave the shop and go to the computer or books. Many little fences, fixtures and jigs have come into my shop this way.

    Two personal specifics: (1) the band saw is still dangerous until you can see the individual teeth on the band and (2) actually see where the chuck key for the drill press is before you turn it on.

    "Unique" is a high bar but I have not seen my three-part structure stated elsewhere.


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    Employee related... No radio allowed other than occasionally during menial work (cleaning)
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