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Thread: Unisaw and Jet Jointer questions

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    Unisaw and Jet Jointer questions

    Hi all,
    I'm new here and recently picked up a Unisaw and Jet JJ8cs Jointer that need a little rehab. Let's assume I know nothing about restore and checking set up etc on these types of tools and I am looking to get them back in decent condition. I have read most of what I could find here on the Unisaw and gleaned some good information so far.

    I paid $1350 for both so I don't think I got hurt too bad from looking around at the current used values. I did look at all the things that previous threads suggested I check, no castings broken, no missing gear teeth, eveverything looks original as far as motors and other equipment.

    Both units have some rust on the tables and some of the adjusting levers. I'm in the process of trying to clean that up and prevent it from happening again. First step was WD-40 and nylon pad, on the more stubborn spots I tried a stainless steel wool pad. Still have a few spots mainly under the table extension behind the fence on the jointer. I was planning to try some rust remover product and maybe some more scrubbing. I assume I should avoid the orbital sander or other similar tools?

    the Unisaw needs new belts which are on order, haven't decided If I am going to do the bearings at this point or run it and see how it goes. It ran fine when I looked at it, even with cracks in the belts about every three inches. I was planning to blow of the workings below the table and lube the gears with dry spray on lube. Then I was going to look at the manual and check everything for true and go from there. There are a few things in the box of stuff I got that I have no idea what they are, maybe they don't go with either tool. I will try to post a few pics and maybe someone will know what they are.

    The jointer came with several sets of new knives which are all rusty. Not sure if they are any good if cleaned up, guess I can always run them and see how it goes. I wasn't sure if I should lube the infeed and outfeed tables where they slide on the main frame of the unit. They move through the full range of travel but are a bit tight it seems. I'm also not sure if I could even get the areas to lube them and I didn't think WD-40 was a good idea. Other than that I planned to put a straight edge and square on a few areas and maybe try to find a manual for adjustments if needed.

    Thanks in advance for any input, seems like a wealth of information and experience on this board.

    Unisaw has the 52" table extension and the Delta Unifence. Looks all stock with a 3hp motor and all of the doors and dust collector adaptor. Don't see a riving knife but it looks like there is a provision on the cast iron portion behind the blade to mount one. There is also a bunch of stuff on a tube mechanism that mounts to the rear of the table, I think all of that is part of a guard for the blade from some photos I found.


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    Matt ,welcome to SMC. Those are two nice looking machines.For rust most guys here like a scotch brite pad and wd40. Some shove it on a cup wheel on an angle grinder. Other ways are razor blades and products like Evaporust. I have tried them all and found that elbow grease is required no matter how you start.On a Unisaw one of the best riving knife options is a sharkguard. I have one on my Uni and the dust collection works real good the riving knife is a bonus to the design. I would suggest a book called "Care and repair of shop machines" by John White. This book is very well written and comprehensive for how to adjust basic shop machines. The jointer section is the best I have seen anywhere. Mike.

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    You don't show a fence or miter gauge for the Unisaw or the planer. Did they come with them? If they did, and both run I think you got a fair deal. If the Unisaw came with a right table and 52" fence, I think you got a great deal. If the fence is a 52" Unifence, I think you got a fantastic deal.


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    Thanks for the info guys. I ordered the book from Amazon and go through it when I get it.
    It did come with the side table and the 52" delta unifence. I haven't put it back together from moving it since I am waiting on belts to arrive and it looks easier to change them with the side table off and the door removed.

    Jointer has the original fence also, finished cleaning it up yesterday and it runs great.

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