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Thread: Sharpening station for tormek t7

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    Sharpening station for tormek t7

    Good day guys ,

    i just wanted to share some pics about my tormek7 sharpening station .

    it measure 42in x 18in ,i made the frame from some left over wood in my little shop, birch ,maple , walnut.
    and i boutght a piece of granite where the tool sits, all my tools are on wheels base no choice small shop in my basement

    i use the porter cable dovetail jig for the first time , and i can tell you that it is easy to use and perfect results at first try...

    a couple of coats of teak oil will seal this project.

    to all have a happy holiday
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    Wow! Nice work. Puts my T7 station to shame...

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you Brian Happy Holidays

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    Woah, that's some fancy cabinet work! Very nice. It would shame me to put it in my shop where it could see the other stuff there.

    I took the easy (lazy?) road and bought a couple of stainless steel tables for my lathe tool sharpening things. They have shelves underneath for stuff. I have way too much stuff.



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    Very nice. I need to make something similar for my T8 and my rikon cbn setup to sit on. Thanks for sharing.

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    John, you can never have too much stuff. . . . . . . .

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