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Thread: Reverse Glass Ancestry

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    Reverse Glass Ancestry

    This is not my first attempt at reverse glasswork, but my first unsupervised.
    We have 4 children, & each gets one for Christmas.
    I used a different leaf on each piece .... 12k gold, 13.25k gold, palladium & aluminum. The photos show the 13.25k & the aluminum leaf. All are over Damar varnish for the texture .
    This process requires patience, for sure ....
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    I have done leaf work, but mostly glass doors on law offices or lettering on sandblasted signs. You did some beautiful work, and yes, that had to take a lot of time and patience. Kudos!

    Sammamish, WA

    Epilog Legend 24TT 45W, had a sign business for 17 years, now just doing laser work on the side.

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    Truly outstanding, Rodger! I hope your family members enjoy them!

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