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Thread: A Timberframed Woodworking Shop - Build Thread

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    Well, in the end, the rotor for the CC needed to go into a machine shop for some is 70 years old after all!
    So somewhat miraculously, the whole unit was still very true. He chucked it up and everything was less than 2thou so he left it....he was very surprised based on the looks and age. He reestablished centres on the ends, kissed all the pertinent faces to remove burrs and dings. He touched up the main threads on the business end of the shaft but had to heavily rework the brake end threads on both the shaft and the lock nut. He reground the brake so it's now ready to be used again. The small machine screw that holds the key way in as well as the one that is part of the lock nut were completely buggered so he rethreaded those holes and inserted a new machine screw. He also pressed on the inner flange and ground its face to fix a warp and make it perfect with respect to the shaft. He also touched up the outter flange to make it mate perfectly with the inner one. Finally he got a socket head cap screw that threaded into the hole where the drive pin used to be and turned the head down so an Allen can still be used to remove it. He also cut some key stock for the shaft. $475 taxes in seemed very reasonable for the work involved. Pics below.





    All back together.


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    A machinist can do some pretty amazing things. There's youtube channel, Abom79, that I like to watch. Better than most TV.

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    That seems like a critical part that makes sense to get checked and attended to while you have the machine torn down since it is right smack in the middle of the "business end" of the function.

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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