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    Art deco

    Anyone know of any resources for learning to build and design classic art deco furniture? I have have always wanted to focus on veneer work and I l9ve the style of this time period...

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    If I remember right a couple of guys invented it as a serious modern formal form. Symetrical is a requirement of Formal.
    I think they did well. I see the two main elements as vertical and exhuberant. I think that's easier for buildings than
    furniture. I would just look at pics and read what the "founders" wrote.

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    One more...inlaid laminate was popular for elevator doors and such. I've mentioned here as a good use for CNC work and
    no one was interested. The idea would work well since its origin (beyond electrical insulation) was for smooth decorated
    surfaces. Only currant use I ve seen is a lady who uses it to cover furniture .But you would never equate her work with
    Art Deco. I have to add that some people see no value in something once it is no longer drudgery.

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    The best way is to go and look at some examples of the real thing and take notes on proportions, materials and have a look at construction methods. Look at buildings as well as furniture. Take a tape measure with you. Going to the source is best because otherwise you are relying on opinion, not fact. Cheers

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