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Thread: Holiday Ornaments ON Display

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    Holiday Ornaments ON Display

    Hi Gang,
    Thought I would post some of the ornaments I turned this year. They go on display at the county library tomorrow. "Art For The Holiday Season" Local Artisans share their creative and expressive interpretations of the 2005 Holiday Season. The exhibit is free and open to the public, for the month of December.
    Just some fun things to do.
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    Very nice Bill. I like the stand you made, where did you get the brass wire from to hold the ornaments. I got some multiple stands from Packard but would rather build my own.

    Love all the different shapes and woods.

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    Very nice Bill. I like all the different styles you have there. You should set out some business cards there as well just in case some people would like to buy some for you in the holiday season!

    My brain hurts!

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    Very pretty all Bill!! Me too...I like the stand as well. Very nice display. Sounds like a cool show!

    BTW...What's your procedure for the cut hollow forms? They look intriguing.....and tempting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Hart
    Very pretty all Bill!! Me too...I like the stand as well. Very nice display. Sounds like a cool show!

    BTW...What's your procedure for the cut hollow forms? They look intriguing.....and tempting.
    John - They involve different pieces and glue. Do you still want to try?

    Real nice Bill. I tried an IO ornament last week and failed miserably. Didn't give proper credence to using square stock and bungled the interior joint.
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    Too cool!! I would be interested in trying something like that. Anybody have any detailed plans?

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    Hi All,
    Thanks for stopping in.
    Dick I found the brass on the unmentionable auction channel 250 pcs. 3/32 x 12" for $6.00 + SH.

    I/O turnings are really fun. The basics. 4 pcs. sq. stock, length your choice. 1/2-3/4-1" sq. Place all 4 in a sq. pack, chuck up one end. There are various ways of maintaining a temporary secure end for the tail stock, but what works for me is a secure hose clamp. Keep all desired body parts clear. When first trying these little rascals, do not go past the center point of a single piece. Remove what you wish, knock down and reverse the blocks, align and glue up. Re-chuck the work and turn away. One hint, stop the lathe often and take a look at what you are doing.
    The configurations are endless, like having a kaleidoscope on the lathe.
    Have fun,

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    Nice ornaments Bill!
    gona give those a try soon!
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    Very nice Bill ! I like the variety. Again they all look great!

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    Man, Bill..........those are SWEET!

    The inside out ones are too cool!

    Beautiful work....
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    Nice Ornaments


    What a collection! Inside out! Birdhouse! I really liked the round one on the left side of the first picture. A strip of dark wood in a light wood! Nice touch.

    Got to try one next time I'm in the shop.

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    Very nice Bill. Great display. You are very ornamental. People used to say that about me... or maybe it was Ernie'smental... I can't...... remember......


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    Purdy.....Purdy........Purdy, Bill.


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    Nice work, Bill. I was surprised at your method, gluing up only once after turning the inside on the IO pieces. I tried one awhile back but didn't like trying to separate the 4 blocks after the first turn.
    Thanks for the idea!
    Really like your display, too. I thought it was purchased already made from somewhere.

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    securing them with a hose clamp... i have to say thats a darned good idea. But i need to grab a chuck somewhere to find that out for myself.

    My brain hurts!

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