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    Primer Question

    I pretty much use BIN shellac based for virtually everything. For a couple reasons, short drying time, sealing and sandability.

    If you use a different primer I'm interested in knowing what you like about it?

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    Primer choice depends entirely on the selected top coat. I always do research and use the best available designed system. Products are always from the one manufacturer for a given coating system but I use different manufacturers for different classes of work. Cheers

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    The other primer I use a lot of, besides the BIN, is Sherwin-Williams Premium Wood and Wall. They say it can be brushed, or rolled, but the only way I'd use it is with airless. I expect it could be sprayed with HVLP with a large tip, but I don't have any reason to try it. You can spray it with the same tips you use for Pro Classic.

    It can be built up thicker than the BIN in one coat. Sanding it, you would think that it sands as easily, but it seems to be a much more durable coat, and doesn't sand through as easily as the BIN, even on corners.

    As with other Sherwin Williams high end products, it's far from cheap, but well worth the price for high end work. I doubt many use it on walls, just because of the cost, but if you want a perfectly smooth surface under semi-gloss, or even gloss, it's hard to do without it. It machine sands likely, and if I'm doing a wall that I want perfectly smooth, I'll run a ROS over it with 220 grit. You don't have to stay on it long, but it smooths right down perfectly.

    On wood moldings, the look is much smoother than even the best job with BIN.

    You would think that a waterbourne would raise bare wood grain some, but if it does, it's not enough to matter.

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    I've been really happy with target coatings hsf5000 primer. I shoot it slightly thinned with a 2.5mm needle in hvlp. I still get some splattering, but after 2 coats, sanding in between and after, it is uniform.

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    +1 for SW Wood & Wallboard primer out of an airless rig.

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    I was all about BIN until I found a new supplier for my finishing. I'm now spraying pigmented conversion varnishes for my painting applications. Primer: Clawlock II. Top coat: Stealth.

    I will still use BIN, but my primary primer is now ClawlockII by ML Campbell. It has to be thinned/reduced 40% to spray with an HVLP gravity gun using a 2.2 tip. PDS recommends thinning/reducing 30%

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