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Thread: Sam Maloofs Joinery construction of low back chair

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    Sam Maloofs Joinery construction of low back chair

    Hello Fellow Sawmillers...

    Haven't used the forum for a while and now that I am chasing a build of a Sam Maloof inspired low back chair. I have been seeking material instructions sans DVD as I am deaf. All templates and instructions that I have searched use DVDs in conjunction with the templated provided. Am seeking readable material plus templates from anyone without DVD's.

    Willing to compensate those who would like to be compensated.

    Can you guys help.

    Cheers, ELMER
    Prescott, AZ
    Achtung: Schlau Holz

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    Can't help with what you need but it should be law that all DVDs have subtitles. My wife is deaf and we always have to check that subtitles are included because so often they are not. Cheers

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