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Thread: 12X24 Shed/Workshop - What's the best way to insulate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Dufour View Post
    If the studs are open it is cheaper to cut foam board to fit with 1/4" gaps all around then foam the gaps to seal it in place. Fire code will require drywall over insulation unless it is rockwool. Install rough wiring or empty conduit before insulating.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Chatham View Post
    Before you decide to go with uncovered foam board insulation, look up the Station nightclub fire in Rhode Island. There is a reason codes require it to be covered with drywall or equivalent one hour rated material.
    I know code requires foam insulation to be covered if the space is a livng space because of the off gassing when it is heated, but I was under the impression stand-alone sheds did not have to be.
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    Charlie, I can certainly relate to your disclaimer, but mine would read 'kids and grandkids'.

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