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Thread: Help me make this wood frame sturdy

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    Am a novice here when it comes to wood working. I was trying to build a frame that will go on top of a display piece.

    As you could see it in the picture, I have made this frame using the miter joins and then used silicone to glue the glass.

    I did tried to use the thin glass (1/8") but still due to the size it is too heavy and I am afraid that the frame won't be able to take the load if I try to lift it.

    I am thinking if there is way I could make it stronger, may be by adding support on the backside of the frame?
    As a last resort I need to remove the glass and use plexiglass instead.

    Experts please advice if I could fix this somehow?


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    Will the frame remain in place continuously or will it open and close?

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    It will remain in place

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    Reinforce the back of each joint with a flat metal bracket then get help from another person to install them. Once in place they should be okay. Cheers

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