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Thread: Grizzly G0513 Bandsaw for Bowl Blanks

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    Grizzly G0513 Bandsaw for Bowl Blanks

    Does anyone have experience with this Grizzly 17" bandsaw for bowl blanks? It is 2hp and is on sale right now.

    Just curious, thanks,

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    I have the G0514X2. It's the big brother of this saw. I cut bowl blanks up to 16" diameter on mine with no problem.
    I used to use a G0555 1hp and it too was ok.

    I do appreciate the mass of a a heavy saw.

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    I have that model and love it.

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    I have the g0513 anv it is the cheaper 17 inch saw but it is so much more than a 14 inch saw I am glad I bought it.

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