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    There was a post in the Neander forum about how to transfer and cut a curve. Plenty of suitable advice was given about tools but there is more to the subject. Before worrying about how to cut the wood, start with a satisfying curve on paper. This can be from a plan but if not then you are on a challenging and rewarding path. Over years and many pieces your eye will mature and you will like different materials, styles, balance and of course different curves. Part of a circle is ok at first but later will seem simplistic. Part of an ellipse is much more elegant and owing to it's flexibility will fit much better. Sometimes part of a parabola or hyperbola is better. These constructs can form a basis but you will want to fair them to the piece at hand. Combine bits of curves into ogees and cloud lifts. Enjoy the journey

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    I have found a CAD program is very helpful in designing and implementing custom curves. Access to a plotter to make templates makes cutting large, extended or complex curves quite easy, short of access to a CNC machine.

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