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Thread: Mach 3 help

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    Bobby, there must be lots of folks using Mach 3 in the Dallas area. Did you try posting on cnczone for someone to help you? Or on the Mach 3 forum?

    I'm getting by just fine with Mach 3, but would much rather have Acorn, but can't afford it now

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    Well, never found anyone in the area and rather than trying to learn Mach 3 now and then have to relearn Acorn, I took gary's advise and bought a computer today and am ordering the Acorn kit. Hopefully it will go smoother than the Mach 3 set up.

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    I look forward to you documenting the changeover, Bobby. I'm betting that the machine physically is pretty darn good and adding the more modern control setup should put you in a good place going forward. It's only money... LOL

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    And after Dinking around with Mach3 setup trying to get my VFD to run my spindle speed, I may just switch over also. Its getting old.
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