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Thread: End Table out of Ash

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    End Table out of Ash

    Old end table needed a replacement made...
    old table.jpg
    So..12' of 1 x 6 Ash, and 10' of 2 x 4 Ash, and a bit of 1/4" Luann Plywood became..
    2 tables.jpg
    Sized to match an existing, enclosed end table at the other end of the couch...
    IMG_6972 (640x480).jpg
    Legs are tapered on the two inside faces...aprons have a bead detail...legs have bead and cove details
    topside view.jpg
    Top is just a 3 board glue up...with a few details.
    Boss likes it, has already replaced the old table, even before I could get the varnish on it! Finish is a Witch's Brew of shellac and stain...May still add a top coat...if I can get to it...

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    Nice table Steve. Beading is very decorative

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    Very nice. The beading does add a nice touch.

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