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Thread: Mounting Flexcut knives in a hanging cabinet

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    Mounting Flexcut knives in a hanging cabinet

    Anybody have a good way to mount short-bladed knives on a vertical surface? Mounting blade-down or blade-up doesn't feel right, and, because each has a slightly different handle, I'm finding it hard to have them all horizontal, parallel and aligned. Does anyone have a way to mount Flexcuts they're happy with? Thanks in advance.

  2. I place them on a board at about 30 degrees off vertical and separate them with dowels inserted into the board. The board is self supported with triangles glued to itís rear side.

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    Magnets? Wooden strips with magnets in recessed holes, or a magnetic bar mounted to the cabinet. I have seen a few tool cabinets in which tools are hung using magnets. Some people don't like the magnetization though.


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    David, I'm trying to picture your setup. I'm assuming blades are down and towards the back panel? Do they rest on something softer than wood? Or are they even in contact with anything? Thanks in advance.
    Simon, thanks for the magnets idea. That also sounds like a great way to go.

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    Blades are up, they are separated by dowels at the top end.

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    Based on David's description, I'm picturing in my mind something like a plane till, only much smaller.

  7. Thatís a good description, a small portable plane till.

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