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    I build this basic desk with 2x4's, 1x4's and some project panels from home depot. I built the legs from 2x4s and I used pine 1x4s for a basic frame to attach the legs and the project panels I used for the desktop. I put it together to run a 1/4 roundover bit and wiped two coats of danish oil then the next day or two I will take it all apart to use watco wipe on poly on the desktop and 1x4 frame.. I sealed the legs with Minwax Helmsman Gloss Oil-based Spar Urethane Varnish. I build fancier desks in the past for friends and such but I just wanted a plain basic desk.


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    That looks very functional and in the end, that's what counts!

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    Yep! Wife wanted me to do something fancy but I would had to have a jointer so I am getting one after I get the planer paid off . But I do like simplistic designs too and that is what I wanted in a desk.

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    Well got it build and set into my corner but, well I decided this was to be a more or less dry run, I decided the project panels ar not really desktop material so I am gonna gather either walnut, cherry or maybe poplar to make another desktop. The project panels are just screw on so it would be easy to replace. Here inabout 3-4 months I will have a jointer to go along with my planer and there is suppose to be a place in greenville tx that handles sawmill lumber and I seen ads in the past 1"x8"x8' live edge planks of walnut and cherry going for 20 bucks so gonna look for that place to start stalking up on a few to redo my desktop with plus other projects. But here is my desk.


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