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Thread: Anyone have a deck built?

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    Anyone have a deck built?

    Trying to plan my projects next spring.
    The deck I have now on the back of the house I built around 30 years ago. Time to think about replacing.
    Trying to decide if I want to tackle the project again myself or hire it done.
    If you hired a deck built, what size was it and how much did it cost. I know there will be differences in material used etc.... Just like to get a ball park figure before calling for an estimate.
    My 12 x 16 deck back in the late 80's cost $600 to build myself. Don't think Ill get by that cheap again.

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    I hate to be the bearer of bad news. My insurance company made me do the railings over on my BARN.
    the stringers were a little shabby so I did the six stairs and stringers. Pressure treated stringers and railings, with Trex treads. $500 in materials. They wanted it done by March 17, or they would not renew. I had to snowblow an area to setup sawhorses. I can’t imagine how much it would cost to to have it done. I stained everything before putting it together.
    i had to go to thru a whole lift of material to get decent stock. It is a different world than 30 years ago.
    Good luck with your project, Kevin

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    Not only will it cost more, but the code for decks has changed Substantially since then, so the structure for it may not share much of a resemblance to the old one.

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    we had an 8 ft wide porch built along two sides of the house. 47 ft wide across the front and the 36 ft along the side, completely covered by a roof. It cost us $22,000 with vinyl railing, posts and wood trex decking. The building inspector told me it was the best constructed porch he has seen in years. It is nice sitting out there on Summer evenings., nice days in spring and fall. Even some of the warmer days of winter. We have been thinking about having 10 ft wide enclosed porch built across half of the back of the house. Perhaps a small pellet stove just to make it comfortable in cold weather.

    Our porch has pt 6x6 uprights every 8 feet, which hold the framing for the deck, then we have vinyl covered 4x4's that go from the deck up to the porch ceiling. Also every 8 feet. The supports for the decking along the house is a ledge about 4 inches wide which was cast as part of the foundation walls. And runs along the whole foundation, about 10 inches below the sill plate.
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    Can someone explain to me how it's a good idea to put down Trex decking when the timbers and joists underneath are just wood? It seems to me that the structure will wear out before the decking.

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    When I replaced my old deck the wood under the deck looked like new the deck itself was cracked and warped I used Fiberon decking that I recovered from one of the Trade shows that we did and put that down. The deck is now 6 years old and still looks new and there is no painting or staining no nail or screw holes just a nice clean look

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    A rule of thumb where I live (central TX) is $20-$25 per square ft for decks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Feeley View Post
    Can someone explain to me how it's a good idea to put down Trex decking when the timbers and joists underneath are just wood? It seems to me that the structure will wear out before the decking.
    Actually the structure underneath tends to dry out and doesn't get as wet because it is shielded to a degree by the decking. When I resurfaced my decks, I was concerned about the joists and such under the deck. What I found was that all the timbers under the decking were in almost new condition with only the nail holes to indicate it was "used" lumber. The only changes I made were to replace lag bolts with through bolts on all the structural joints.
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    Some porches used to be covered with painted canvas. Need 1 degree slope. Makes a much better and more attractive
    surface than what today's decks have. All you need is 3/4" good one side plywood. I've given more detail before but gotten no interest or credibility. I understand the Cleveland Canvas Co. will provide some information.

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    Trex or other similar never needs maintenance, never gives splinters to bare feet and always look good. Wood,,,needs a lot of maintenance and replacement before you get old.

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    My parent's deck had treated 2x4 and 2x6 decking that was all warped and rotted, but the basic frame is still fine. My parents are spending $20,000 right now on just materials to redo the decking and railings. My father is also replacing the stairs. Decks are not cheap to do right. (The deck is at least 600 square feet.)

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    If the deck is more then a few feet off the ground there will be lots more expensive bracing and bracketry then the old one.

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