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Thread: Chuck stuck on spindle

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    It seams the old saying is true, there is nothing that a torch canít fix. 5 minutes of butane and it popped right off😉

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Sager View Post
    John thx for the ptopain idea. Took about 5 minutes of heating but it did come off👍👍👍
    Excellent! Heat (or cold) are excellent for expansion or contraction - putting the shaft in a freezer and/or heating the bearing in hot oil is a way to install bearings on a press-fit shaft. I have used dry ice to cool one part but it's harder to come by than a torch flame. (These days I generally use mapp gas to heat quickly - great for heating steal for bending and more convenient than the oxyacetylene torch.)


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    Don't do this

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    How hot did the shaft get? The bearings have seals in them, and too much heat could hurt them and you can lose some grease out of the bearing as well. Bearings that have been is storage for a while might need to be replaced anyway.

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