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Thread: I finally did it... Grizzly G1033X 20" planer....

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    I finally did it... Grizzly G1033X 20" planer....

    After debating and agonizing over it for years, I finally dove in and bought a Grizz G1033X Byrd spiral head 20" planer. UPS Freight delivered it today. Everything arrived in perfect condition. Super nice driver and my new best friend Levi wrestled it onto his pallet jack as the pallet isn't wide enough to use the jack in the conventional way. Down the driveway he went and right into the shop.

    Had to bust the crate off of it so I could take it all in before heading back to work.

    Once I got home I began the shop rearrangement dance to get it in place. I devised a plan to move my G0512 edge sander and put the planer in that spot. I already had a 6" duct drop there and plenty of room in that area for the ginormous planer.


    I strapped the sander to my 2 wheel dolly and away it went to it's new spot.

    And after a good bit of praying and grunting with the planer hanging from my engine hoist it landed in it's permanent home. I took time to fit the HF floor mats back around both machines.

    I'm not in love with the new spot for the sander but it is the best place for it without rearranging the world which I do not vote for.

    I need to grab a couple fittings to get the ductwork connected to both machines and finish aligning the planer and we should be in business. I'm anxious to fire it up!!

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    Congrats. It is always a good day when your delivery requires a pallet jack.

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    Your shop looks great. And congratulations on your new planer. That thing is a beast

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    A beast! Will be a pleasure to run.

    I have to say, your shop is beautiful. Fantastic space and my first thought was maybe someday I would have my shop looking like that. But then though, no, its a personality difference no matter how big my shop is I would pack it full of various items I 'collected'. And nope, I am never going to be as organized and nicely laid out. But I can admire those who have the talent for it.

    I happen to have a stack of foam flooring like yours and was wondering if it was worth putting down. Else its going into a kids rec room (but I have other options there). You took the time to put it around the new addition so I assume you like the foam flooring?

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    Take a lot of pictures. After using that new tool your shop will never look the same...

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    That layout looks like it worked out great. Congrats on the new toyl.
    Take me to the hotel - Baggage gone, oh well . . .

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    I've had the same planner for a few years. It really quite. I haven't had any issues out of mine. A little infeed and out feed table adjustment to reduce snipe. I've been extremely happy with ally tools I've purchased from Grizzly.

    I don't know how you can keep your shop so clean and organized. Looks great.

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    Congrats. Nice machine.


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    And maybe one day some woodworking will happen in that shop, because itís too clean and organized for any to have happened yet! In jest of course.

    Nice planer, just donít be too extreme!

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    Thanks guys! I really do work in there.

    Night #2 got us up and going. I dug up the proper fittings and such and got the ductwork connected to the planer and the sander. Finished cleaning the goop off the bed which was surprisingly easy. It was not the usual brown sticky cosmoline but rather a clear grease like substance that cleaned off quite eaasily with Simple Green and a few rags. Once that was done I got the tables properly adjusted and the plug wired. Ran some white oak that has some curly grain and all I can say is wow! My old Ridgid tore this grain out terribly but not this one. Glass smooth finish. Impressed with the dust collection. Literally not a crumb escapes. Amazing how much quieter the spiral head is. The Ridgid was crazy loud especially when the cyclone was running. Not so with the G1033X. Night and day difference.

    Really nice finish on this white oak. This was a 20fpm pass taking 1/16".

    I need to split this tree apart and rotate the wye a little to line it up with the sander port but that'll have to wait for another day. Still not thrilled with this location but I hate it less today than I did yesterday so perhaps I'll get used to it.

    I have a video up;loading to YouTube that I'll post once it is finished.

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    First impressions video. I wasn't planning on doing this so didn't have my remote mic or anything else I should have had so pardon the quality but you'll get the idea.


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    'Tis a beast for sure! Congratulations!

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    Congratulations, Terry; it looks GREAT! A question if I may.

    I am looking at upgrading my own 20 year old 15", open stand Jet planer to a 20" model with a spiral head. Can I ask what factors drove you to go with the Grizzly versus say, a Powermatic, or a Jet, or a Laguna?

    Just wondering about the thought process and your pros and cons that you saw in the various machines.


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    Terry....I don't know which to be jealous of in your shop...your new planer....your beautiful shop in general...or that you have such great access to hardwoods?

    Congratulations on the new planer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Fitzgerald View Post
    Terry....I don't know which to be jealous of in your shop...your new planer....your beautiful shop in general...or that you have such great access to hardwoods?

    Congratulations on the new planer!
    Thanks Ken!

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