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Thread: Where is Glen Huey

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glen Huey View Post
    The rumors of my departure are overly exaggerated...
    Well, I believe that the only one that commented in this thread on your departure was me, and I was just repeating what you stated in the email sent out to subscribers that 360Woodworking was shutting down and you were stepping away from woodworking.

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    Glen you can also e-mail me via

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    Speaking for myself, I would someday love to take some lessons from Glen and Chuck. I spoke with Chuck briefly at the St. Louis show. Always a pleasure to chat with them. I just don't get out of my squirrel cage much. Injury, Illness, etc. have taken a toll the last couple of years. Hence very little saw making.
    Would love to hear from you and have your email addy for future reference.
    Thank you,
    P.S. A recent hard drive crash, to put it lightly, has left me with no contact info for anyone. The hard drive took that with it.
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