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Thread: A Small Turned Box

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    A Small Turned Box

    The birdhouse ornaments may not have been a direct donation toward the fight against diabetes but this was. The same customer for the birdhouses asked if I could donate something for an auction they were having to raise money for diabetes research so I made and sent her this small 5.5" turned box. It is spalted Ambrosia Maple with a Beal buffed poly finish. She later informed me that it brought $97 at their auction. BTW forgive me the blue tints in the photos, I forgot to turn off my shop lights when taking the pics.

    The dark brown oval spot on the lid is a layer of bark soaked in CA. I thought it added a little character.
    IMG_5271_0_2_Detail.jpg IMG_5256_5_7_Detail.jpg

    The wood was actually well on its way to "rotten", lol, but copious amounts of CA stabilized it pretty good.
    IMG_5241_0_2_Detail.jpg IMG_5244_3_5_Detail.jpg
    IMG_5250_49_1_Detail.jpg IMG_5247_6_8_Detail.jpg

    Thanks for looking and appreciate all C&C.
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