Took a break the other day from making houses for that large order mention in an earlier post to make this for my Wife. She was needing a little pick-me-up due to some arthritis pain.

The wood is Plum and the center is a small sea urchin shell. There is a 1/4" dowel rod running through the center attaching the top and bottom finials together giving them rigidity to avoid stressing the fragile shell.
Had someone ask about how I put the hole in the very fragile ornament, I used a Dremel with a small pointed grinding stone and slowly ground it in.

Had to do some shaping of the bottom finial due to the kidney bean shape of the shell. My Wife love it and overall I think it looks great but I do have the impression looking at it sometimes that the bottom finial onion maybe a little large for the ornament size.

As always C&C appreciated.
Thanks for looking.