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Thread: M-300 to Speedy 300

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    M-300 to Speedy 300

    I appreciate any & all comments & suggestion in advance. Please except my apologies as a long time lurker who doesn't post. I've committed to purchasing two Speedy 300's to replace my aging M-300's. Job Control is a new concept that I am unfamiliar with, sounds like another step in the process to slow me down but I've read & heard enough praise to realize it must have benefits. The biggest issue I'm running up against is the need to have a dedicated computer control each laser. Unfortunately over the last twenty years I've tried my best to utilize our network & any computer can print to any device, there goes that concept. So... I purchased a dell all in one PC that I plan on installing on a wall mount located between the lasers. The keyboard & mouse are wireless & can go on a shelf that is between the two machines. All jobs will be designed & sent from the original design PC & then controlled from the All In One. Am I going to go crazy trying to start & make adjustments to job control standing up between the lasers?

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    I have only one Speedy 400 but I control it with a pc on a standup desk in the laser room. For me it's 1,000% easier to do what I need to do standing instead of sitting down, making changes, getting up loading parts, sitting down, etc., etc. I do the bulk of my work on another computer in my office, that's the only place I sit down.
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    -I'm running 6 CNC engravers, 2 C02 lasers and a vinyl cutter from a win7+XP virtual machine in my basement shop. I have 2 XP's acting as print servers to connect machines to.

    -I'm running 2 CNC engravers, 2 C02 lasers and my fiber laser from a win7 in my garage shop...

    -In my office is a win7 laptop that does office duty.

    By using Remote Desktop, I can use ANY computer FROM any computer in the house. (and I do regularly!)

    ....You'll be fine
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    We have 3 Speedy 400's all connected through a network so we can share files between the 3 machines. Art work and file preparation is done in another part of the building. Its really straight forward.
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    So job control is running on one PC connected to the 3 machines? I'm guessing we just open two job control windows, one for each laser?

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    Job control must run on each computer, it cannot be shared between machines. The job file is created in your graphics software then exported to job control. Once the file is saved as a job control file it can be used by any computer (laser) connected to the network.
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    IMG_4454.jpgJust wanted to follow up on this thread, machines delivered in late November. We have been very happy with the new job control process. Learning the new interface took us only a few days to be confident that we had made the right decision. The new machines rock work out at a tremendous speed, almost too fast to allow other jobs prep time. I negotiated a cutting table & rotary attachment with the sale & have been very satisfied with both as I managed without on our Universals previously. I ended up ordering two all in one pc's to run job control & each laser. Trying to use the design PC's from the desk can get awkward when more than one person is using the machines, pretty happy with how things turned out.
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