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  • Powermatic DS20 20" Disc Sander

    3 37.50%
  • Powermatic 31A 12" Disc / 6x48" Belt Sander

    5 62.50%
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Thread: Powermatic Sanders - Which Would you Purchase?

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    Powermatic Sanders - Which Would you Purchase?

    I'm looking to upgrade my Rigid belt sander. I make furniture, and never owned a stationary belt or disc sander. Which would get more use in your shop and why?
    a) Powermatic comination belt/disc sander 31A model 1791291K (
    b) Powermatic 20" disc sander DS20 model 1791276 (


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    The combination sander. I find that I use the belt more than the disc, but both are useful.

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    I find the combination sander to be more useful of the two. I don't use a stationary disc sander often, just for the odd shortening of end grain or cleaning up a radius that needs to be 90. I use the stationary belt sander all the time. It will depend on what you do and the scale of the things you need to sand. I make a lot of parts that the stationary belt sander is just the right size for. If most of your work was larger pieces, neither might be helpful. If you had to do a lot of things the disc sander did well, that would be the ticket.

    For what it is worth, I had a similar Delta version of the combination sander for a while. I actually preferred my old 70's vintage Craftsman stationary combination sander to it, because the platen was longer on the Craftsman, and it would sand slightly longer pieces. I ended up selling the Delta and still have the Craftsman.

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    I say out of the 2 you listed the 20" disc sander. But......I say a oscillating edge sander is more useful then either of the 2 you listed.

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    I have the combo (Jet version). I like it because when you really want a disc, it is there.

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    The combo would be more versatile in my shop. A disc sander is useful but, used seldom enough that a 12" is adequate for me. To qualify that, a 6" or 8" is practically useless, to me.

    The top down motion of the belt is also useful and I am not terribly concerned about the platen size being 10" or 14" or whatever as longer belt sanding operations are the job for your oscillating edge sander.
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    When I was a pro I had neither type. For stationary sanders I had a small edge sander and a stroke sander. In my hobby shop I use a portable belt sander built into a table as an edge sander for small wood parts and aluminum.
    The sanders shown produce a cross grain scratch pattern on most parts. Very limited for most of the work I've done in wood.
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    I would also vote for a edge sander,instead of the two choices you have proposed. It will do anything a disk sander does and you can sand angles on edge by tilting it,as well as square edges. As Andrew has already stated the'' scratch'' left by the sand paper is with the grain not perpendicular to it. I got lucky and bought this sander first,now that I have it I won't be buying the other two choices. YMMV,Mike.

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    3rd vote for edge sander
    way more useful

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    Despite the fact that I rarely use my 12" disk/4"x48" combo sander, that's what I'd recommend for general shop use as the two different types of setups on the machine make for more versatility. Do note that these things are a bear to collect dust from and you do need to collect it! These are also not "finishing" oriented tools...they are for shaping wood and aggressive work, even though you "can" buy relatively fine abrasive for them. I only use 100 grit on mine for that reason.This is actually my one Grizzly green tool in my shop...heavy beast, too.

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    Outside of a drum or widebelt I find an edge sander is by far the most useful but of the two you listed I would choose the disc sander.
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    Put me in the oscillating edge sander camp. I bought a Vega last year and we use it fairly often.

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    Edge sander first, then disc sander. At least that’s my plan! Had a combo unit, barely used it because both sanders were small, and sold it.

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    Neither, but a quality edge sander. I bought a used Minimax Unilev -- what an amazing machine!

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