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Thread: Top Coat on BLO....

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    Top Coat on BLO....

    Hello all. I'm finishing up a turned mortar and pestle (Morado) and put a couple coats of BLO on it. (I have this affinity towards BLO because it dries fast and does wonders for the color and grain).

    Anyway, the back of the can says it "can be further finished with paste wax, polyurethane, or alkyd varnish."

    I have EEE Ultra Shine cut and polish wax and also a Shellawax friction polish for woodturners. I'd like to use the Shellawax but it's in liquid form (needs to be shaken before use).

    I'm sure the BLO can isn't listing all possible top coats. Think the Shellawax will be okay?


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    Think the Shellawax will be okay?



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