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Thread: Troubles with fiber laser engraving copper

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    If you did not see the difference what markings are left by green or uv you will force your fiber view, if numbers 30 times and 60 times cannot explain the quality/visual difference, I cannot help. I did not get these numbers out of thin air, but not seeing green or uv marking on copper and not being able to open up a little bit above fiber that's interesting. Try different lasers it will be good for the perspective. Try Japanese markers which have 1m and 2m resolution and not 50m like fiber you have. That's 25 to 50 times better resolution. Maybe you will be able to change your view. Regards.

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    To be sure: I'd LOVE to have a 532 or 355nm laser, I've seen full data-matrix codes marked on plastics that are less than 3mm square done by a 355, which is amazing, and I'm sure that's tip-of-the-iceberg stuff...

    but realistically speaking, *for me*, spending the money on a such a laser based on my laser needs, would be like buying a Bugatti to use for Uber...
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    FOUR - CO2 lasers
    THREE - fiber lasers
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