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Thread: Dishwasher safe

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    Dishwasher safe

    A friend has requested a veggie peeler and wants the handle made from acrylic so he can put it in the dishwasher. Are acrylic turned handles dishwasher safe anyway?

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    For what it is worth. I have replaced quite a few kitchen tool handles for my wife and for friends, such as potato mashers, dough hooks and the like. They all go in the dishwasher after use and to date none have failed. They look sort of bleached out, but are firm and stable. A dough hook in our kitchen had the commercial handle replaced after a year or so. From the vendor it looked like it would fail where the handle inserted into the body of the hook. So I broke it out and made a new one. Epoxied in place. I use ordinary epoxy, nothing special. That was four or five years ago and after a two or three time a week dishwasher trip it looks fine and is stable to use.

    So perhaps consider wood. Also, for what it is worth, CA glue, I believe, fails at around 135 degrees F. so might have challenges in the dishwasher. Give it a shot, what is the worse that can happen?

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    If you get the peeler from craft supply you dont need to put the whole peeler in the dishwasher. You glue the threaded post into the handle the peeler has machine threads on it that thread onto the other side of the post.

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    Just make sure the peeler mechanism is good quality stainless or other nickel steel. Iíve had more issues with turned craft kit devices corroding vs the wood portion cracking or failing. As stated, best option is to unscrew the handle and hand wash unless truly dishwasher safe.

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    The only synthetic I would consider is Corian. And that would make me nervous. No way to tell if the customer will use eco heat mode, or high heat dry. Guys that do cast pens worry about them being left in a car during the summer. Hot dry in a dishwasher could go hotter than that.

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    I've replace spatula handles with turned walnut finished with walnut oil. These have been through the dishwasher hundreds of times. They get dull, but reapply walnut oil and they look like new. And walnut oil is available at the supermarket.

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