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Thread: Source for vector files for inlays

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    Source for vector files for inlays

    Hello, I have recently done my first project with veneer and want to do some with inlays. I am interested in the choice of wood, assembly, finish and presentation (boxes, trays, chests etc) but I am not into files, corel, scanning images etc. Basically, I like to make sawdust rather than sit at the computer. I have a friend with a laser engraver - Epilog - and he will run jobs for me at a reasonable price, including free for small jobs. I just need vector files. I found a very small selection online but they were very complex - extremely detailed and large. I want simple to get started - a rose, a bird, an otter (that's a big deal for my new daughter in law). Say 20 to 50 pieces max, preferably less to start.

    Would you all have any recommendations for sources? I do not need free, although obviously that is nice. I realize the files take a lot of work. I see there was a way to get forum attachments on DVD, but I was not sure people post design files, and I see a new post saying attachments are no longer available.

    Below is the project. I expect to complete this weekend for my sons wedding next week. The panels are Birds Eye maple veneers. I made a clamping press and had very good success and enjoyed doing it, so then I ordered a sample box of veneers to play with.

    Attachment 396327Attachment 396328

    This is the simple press I made - 16 x 16" - large enough to do box tops or a small tray.

    Attachment 396329

    Any direction is appreciated.

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    As a follow up -

    I would like something less complex to get started:
    Rose.jpgLeaf design.jpg

    Then, when I am a little experienced....

    Fish design.jpgFancy birds.jpg

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    This guy came on Sawmill Creek a few years ago and his software was pretty amazing. Might be worth looking into :
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    Scott, I did check that tool - it is really neat. There is a small number of files available for download. I may purchase this one if I don't find something else. $11.20 and 56 pieces.

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    I still get most of my images, vector and raster from the old Corel Draw 5 clipart CD. Maybe you can find one on EBay.
    There are many internet sides offering free vector files, but watch out, some will be scams and malware.

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