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Thread: Japanese (?) plane identification

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    Japanese (?) plane identification

    I just purchased a brand new ECE 701 for $30.00 (gloat) and also bought this plane along with a Japanese plane hammer another $30.00. Can anyone identify make, type of steel use? Thanks. WP_20181109_10_31_31_Pro_LI.pdf

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    Bumping. I don't have a smoothing place and am wondering if this might be one. Here's a closer shot of the back of the iron. WP_20181109_10_31_31_Pro_LI.pdf

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    Looks like the same attachment . . . as far as I can tell that's similar to one I recently picked up, but I'm still waiting for the body to acclimatize before I do any setting up and testing. Can you get a pic of front and back of just the iron?

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