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Thread: Advice RE: Incra miter gauges

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    I have the 1000HD combo and think it works great (but I haven't owned it for very long). Whether you go with one of Incra's combos for a sled or make your own, I don't think you can beat Incra's miter gauges. However, I don't see any great advantage to any miter gauge above the 1000HD model. Seems like that does even more than most people need. They are all extremely accurate once set up and squared.

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    Another option to consider are the MiterSet gauges. One of these gauges will let you set your present miter gauge to any angle in 1/2 degree increments very accurately. The other is for making segmented circles. It will set your miter gauge to the angle needed based on the number of segments in the circle that you want to cut. For some of these settings, the angle needs to be in partial degrees out to the third decimal place. If your miter gauge has a standard 3/4 X 3/8 bar and it fits in the miter gauge slots of your table saw without side play, these jigs will prove very handy, allowing perfect cuts every time. They are made very well, almost Aerospace quality and are well worth the cost. Each comes in it's own padded plastic container.

    I have no connection to MiterSet other than being a very satisfied customer.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles Lent View Post
    Another option to consider are the MiterSet gauges.
    I did this till I learned to trust the Incra.

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