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Thread: Additional Dust Filter

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    Additional Dust Filter

    I have the Jet Dust Overhead Filler (1000CFM) in my shop. My shop is 30' x 30' with 10' ceiling.

    I have it mounted over the area where I do most of my wood working. It's mounted about 10 feet away from the left wall and about the same from the rear wall.

    Today I replaced the filter, for the first time, and was amazed at how much dust was on the outside of the filter. The inside of that filter looked like new and the second stage filters also looked very clean, so it seems to be doing a good job.

    This got me thinking about adding another unit on the other side of the garage, sucking/blowing in the opposite direction, to the current one, to kind of swirl the air a little more.

    I think if I add another unit, it will probably be a 500cfm unit to keep the price down.

    The WEN unit looks reasonably priced at about $140 delivered. I just don't think I can justify another $420+ for a second Jet unit.

    Thoughts, thank you.

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    I had that unit (more or less) in a garage shop about the same size as yours (perhaps a bit less floor area). It was a backup to a small point source dust collector that I would connect to each tool while I was using it. My miter saw was the one that I could not really control. I don't sand much but surely sanding contributed to the dust. I had very little dust settling on horizontal surfaces. I used the timer and would routinely let it run for an hour or so after I left the shop for the day. And that brings me to my point. IMO you can substitute for another air cleaner by simply running it longer.

    That said -- I sold the Jet when I downsized to a one-car garage and bought that Wen. It's OK. It was easy to install because its lighter than the Jet. I miss the airflow indicator that the Jet had but its no big deal. I have run it about a year and just cleaned the external filters. I have a better dust collection system now but my shop seems dustier than the old one did. The strange thing about the Wen is that it seems to go on by itself at night. No, it's not the timer. I suppose that its a neighbor's garage door opener. I just unplug it.


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