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Thread: Tools? Sure. Lumber? Slow down now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Mattingley View Post
    Brazilian dark walnut is absolutely beautiful. It is one of the hardest woods, hardest to manufacture and it’s rare. If you compare this to Pine which you can drop in your own backyard… I guess Pine grows on trees in a way... and you can almost work it with a butter knife.
    One of the things I find interesting, based on mentioning it in your sentence, is just how hard it is here in New England to find straight, clear, pine. It's like hens teeth for some reason. It's also not cheap here.
    I have a shop full of exotics collected over the past thirty that I seriously doubt I could afford to replace at todays lumber prices, but you'll not find one straight clear grain pine board amongst it.
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    I know I am in the minority here, but am a farmer who likes to do woodworking. Always liked walnut as a material, looks so rich finished. When I retired, I bought a bandmill so I did not have to buy lumber. Amazing amount of hard work to cut trees down, take to the mill and cut up into lumber, stack in a shed to dry. Quit my building business, as had hurt my back and building was just no fun anymore, and I took on a sawmill? But have not bought anything but plywood since. I don't worry much about scrap as it works great to heat the shop.

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