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Thread: Roots on a tree catching fire?!?!

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    I had a lighting strike hit the ground and take out a lot of my equipment in my shop even though they were unplugged but had a separate ground wire. My sister in law had an old earth station that was hit and it came through her receiver and blew the knobs across the room and they stuck in the wall

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    Knew a unscrupulous subcontractor 25 years ago who had a barn full of ill gotten construction materials stolen from job sites. He burned trash in a 55 gallon drum one afternoon and then left to run an errand. He came back hours later to find the firefighters dousing the remnants of his barn. Seems the fire had traveled through a mole or gopher hole from the bottomless trash barrel to his barn. Burned down his barn and the stolen materials as well. Sweet, sweet karma.

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