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Thread: Dry Climate Wood Drying Techniques?

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    Dry Climate Wood Drying Techniques?

    As mentioned in another thread I've been using a paraffin wax and mineral spirits mixture to treat the end grain of freshly cut wood. I'm searching for a better method that will probably involve using Anchorseal or something similar. The wax sometimes peels off, probably adversely exposing the wood. Our climate here in NW Arizona is drier than most areas of the country. Is there a technique that might work better here?

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    Steve, I'm in the Phoenix area and all I use is Anchorseal. No problems but I put on 2 thick coats.


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    Most of the west is subject to hot dry weather. I retired at Williams AZ and live in a similar climate in S. Colo. There are a lot of things you can do to help your self but none will guarantee that wood will not split. If you are cutting green wood, do most of it in the late fall and winter months. The wood is a little drier then. Cut you "logs" as big as you can handle. Put them in a shady spot off the ground and let them dry. You will have cracking on the first 6 to 12" but the center portion should be ok. When you cut then into blanks anchorseal the end gran and remove the pith. Wrap them in a paper bag or cardboardbox and put in the coolest place you can find -- not on the top shelf in the garage. If you cut your blanks into a circle blank you can wrap it with plastic stretch wrap. Consider building a kiln from an old freezer or dishwasher. Hope this helps some.

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