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Thread: Surprised Tool Shortage

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    Surprised Tool Shortage

    After deciding to try my hand at woodcarving and specifically at first making spoons I went about a search for some quality tools. I was surprised to find that axes and adzes made by Hans Karlsson and Hoffman Blacksmithing are essentially unobtainium. Hans Karlsson at least stated that it would be a number of weeks before they would have some axes available for purchase. Hoffman never bothered to respond. Is there some type of revival in woodcarving that is making these tools scarce?

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    Yeah, green woodworking is going to be "flavor of the month" for awhile. Once the greenhorns realize that doing it well is not any easier than any other form of woodworking, they will be off to the next big thing.
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    I carved a couple of basic spoons for the first time a few weekends ago. It was my first real try at spoons and I used what I had for gouges. After doing 15 or so, I decided to get a few spoon gouges to make it easier. I was looking at Pfeil from woodworkers supply. When I called, a number of sizes were out of stock until January. I did get a few and they have worked well.
    As far as fads go, the beekeeping interest has lasted way longer that I expected. I've see a number of people try it for a year or so then give up.
    I talk to hundreds of people at my current workshop in the museum and while many are fascinated at the most basic knowledge of doing something by hand, a lot of young people coming up are learning many hand skills, and that's a good thing. I think there is hope.

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