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Thread: Vintage Martin T75 restoration

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    I purchased a 5 gallon container of Zepp industrial degreaser last week. It’s also purple. I didn’t read the label and just thought degreaser how bad could it be. I dropped a part in and my glove was not tall enough to not fill with the liquid.

    Holly crap my flesh felt like it was melting. I went washed my hands and then proceeded to clean parts with it by straying it on. The slightest amount in my skin a -Nd I was rushing to the bathroom to wash it off. I actually just used the stuff over the last two days to strip the trunion and all its parts. Some I soaked and some I sprayed it on and used various abrasives.

    But man the first piece I left in the stuff overnight had no paint on it the next day.

    Serious stuff!

    Quote Originally Posted by peter gagliardi View Post
    I have had really good luck with cleaning stuff with a product called Purple Power. You can buy it at Walmart in the automotive section in 2 1/2 gallon jugs, or a Tractor supply, or some auto parts stores carry it.
    Fill a plastic tote with it, put parts in. Leave a few hours or overnite, pull out and rinse, then paint.
    Be careful, as it is a liquid solution of Lye.
    It WILL dissolve your skin!
    Use gloves.
    It will eat away at any oils, greases, most paints, and any organics.
    I use it because I am lazy- no time for sandblasting. It works while I am working.

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    Yeah you know I do enjoy torture. Even torture ave nothing to gain from.

    You did screw me thiught kinda. Or maybe you saved me, I’m not sure yet.

    The handwheel has been put aside till I’m done with the internal parts while I mull over what I want to do with it. Honestly I’d prefer if I could just reproduce the scale that is on it exactly as it is as I want to alter nothing from original minus some of macs air clamps, maybe a genuine “Martin” crosscut fence and a miter index.

    I’m really nervous to take off the scale on the wheel now as once I do I’m gonna have to figure something out. Best I can figure is to soak the wheels in some kind of adhesive remover. Whatever I soak it in can’t remove the black writing or I have nothing to reproduce from. I assume I’m gonna somewhat mangle it getting it off?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Duncan View Post
    I figured encouraging you to delve even deeper and add maybe another week or more worth of work in that machine....may be pushing just a bit too far

    Then again..... maybe you just enjoy the torture

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    Well for the first time in weeks Iím ahead of the game for where I need to be by weeks end or Friday night with Friday plans to spray that a,ways donít materialize till Saturday morning because I have underestimated what I still have left to do to prepair for paint.

    I spent the last couple days stripping the trunion pieces. I said I would not strip them and did not remove every last bit of paint but I ended up removing most of it. I couldnít sand blast the largest piece as it wouldnít fit in the blast cabinet.

    As a result o resorted to my old ways. A dai grinder with or-lock scotch brite pads and a wire wheel. I combined this with the Zepp I dusteial degreaser this time and it was still a nightmare. After the sandblasting I could hardly believe I prepped like 80% of the pieces this way. Itís freaking Miserable work.

    Everything was ready for masking this morning. It made for a relaxing morning before doing my 8 hrs for the boss. Pretty much all ready to go minus wire to hang from. I did do that this evening though.


    The trunion. This piece kinda sucked!



    Couple cool looking parts I removed the masking tape from. One is related to the hand wheel and one the motor.


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    More that won’t fit.

    More de masking. These two pieces combined with a threaded shaft not pictured control the side to side adjustment of the sliding table to allow for dadao capacity.


    More parts removed form masking. These golf the half moon extrusion the sliding table travels on.


    And the cross cut fence. I have not decided what to do with the metal rails. Right now they arejust sanded. Part of me is considering sanding them to like 2k then hitting them with clear. Otherwise they with oxidase and turn to crap. Maybe just wax?


    And this one just because the dust hood in the background looks so darn good.


    I also wet sanded a few previously painted pieces that I was not happy with. I took them to 1500 grit. I had never wet sanded paint before and me o my did I really really like it. I’ll be wet sanding both pieces that make up the sliding table as I am slightly not happy with both. I think if I wet sand them to 1500 also I’ll be very very happy.

    This whole thing is a sickness. I can totally see that the base is gonna get the royal treatment including color sanding and polishing just as a show car would be done.

    I’m still far from done m]but being able to see the end of the prep and the painting is very motivating. I won’t lie I’ll both miss this project and be very happy to have my life back. I’m sure that will last like five minutes as next I’d building a front covered price in my house, finished replacement of all my exterior trim with azek, painting the exterior of my house, a new front walkway followed finally with ripojgnout my whole lawn and replacing it with sod. And that all has to be done my early fall.

    I’m gonna be wishing I could just hang out at the shop and huff chemicals.

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    You have to filter the sand through a mess screen to get the junk out of it before it goes back into the gun. or it will keep clogging.

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    Patrick, this saw is gonna be so sweet when you're finished! That green looks perfect.
    You should really share this with the OWWM folks.

    In the micro world of woodworking that I live in I always dream about a road trip to visit with people like yourself to see shops in person. It's a long list at this point! Even my own coworkers zone out when I drone on about this or that machine.

    Thanks for the documentation with this saw!

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    Thanks jeff.

    I stay so busy I end up working through vacations on my own projects.

    I used to and still love a good road trip.

    Gotta slow down for s while again at some point.

    Where u from?

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    I live in the Shenandoah valley in VA. Road trips are few and far between these days for me. But I still have family all over the Boston area (and New Hamspire, and Maine) so there's other good reasons to visit the north east!

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    When I was bicycle racer I used to do a race a week long through the Shenandoah Valley every year.

    I wonder if they still even hold that race actually.

    Beautiful place you live..

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Bartley View Post
    I live in the Shenandoah valley in VA. Road trips are few and far between these days for me. But I still have family all over the Boston area (and New Hamspire, and Maine) so there's other good reasons to visit the north east!

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    Today was a good day. No prep or to speak of. Instead I focused on putting things back together a bit.

    I refuse to get into the base until I know I can and will give it a marathon session and just be done with it. Iíd really rather not do it a few hours a day for a week straight. Plus I gotta get the sand blaster figured out and Iím not to excited about that as it feels like I wasting good hours I could spend making progress.

    With masking tape removed from a few pieces and some of the nickel plate back I decided to start putting things back together a bit.

    Iím a bit limited by what is ready and what isnít, what I had plated and what I didnít. I sent off only what I new 100% I wanted plated. With so many small pieces and every in ďpiecesĒ it was hard to decide what and what not to send out. Money was also a consideration so I was conservative.

    Now as I put things back together I notice I should have had this bolt and that nut done or this washer and that washer. At this point I have so much into this thing that i figure just have it all done If seems appropriate as whatís another $4-500 at this point.

    Bellow are two pieces that supports for the sliding table rail sit on. They are connected by a huge chain and when cranked move in unison adjusting the sliding table towards and away form the sliding table to low for a dado stack. I may be repeating myself on that info?

    Early this morning before I worked out all the kinks. Lots to remember when this goes and that goes. Fettling gallor getting everything back together taking into threads fresh paint and plating. Itís also a slow process but fun.


    These mount to the pieces above and are what the rail the sliding table travels connect to.


    I was missing a couple washers for under the large kipp levers. Well I have them but forgot to plate them. I went to the hardware store and go a couple stainless ones and attempted to polish them. I sanded 220,320,400,600,800,1000,1500,2500. I think I needed 2000 and I need to take them to the buffer wheel with some compound and polish.





    I could make these perfect if I wanted but time is money right so Iíll send the actual washers out tomthe plater.funnynthing is younwill never see the, as the levers face down and are weíll bellow eye level and like 18Ē off the ground. Still Iíll know and thatís all that matters.

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    Here’s the pieces all together..






    I’m pretty smitten, in person these pieces just glow and ooze quality and perfection regarding restoration. They really show off my efforts. Anyone to see them in person has been pretty much floored and speechless..


    I started the polishing with the screws that hold the nickel rail on the lower right side to table. I didn’t send those bolts out either as it was suggested to me that polishing new stainless ones would be better. You know they are not a perfect match and it drive me bazerk! Off to the plater they go.


    Gonna also have those nuts and washers plated. And at some point sand back and polish all the black plastic knobs.


    The table has these small rectangle pieces on three sides. They mount and swivel on a single screw. I can’t figure out what they are for. I also opted to not plate these screws. It was a bad decision and I’m gonna also send these screws out to plate.

    I’m also horrified by the scales. I’m not sure how to make exact reproductions but I’m gonna she to figure it out as I’m never gonna be happy looking at what’s in the pictures. If everything else was not so perfect I would care less. That’s not the case though.

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    Didnít fit above.

    The outrigger table is missing a number of piece. And still in need of some major work and love. Namely a few plated pieces I opted not to plate the first round, those miter scales. Honestly im reluctant to even post pictures of the outrigger table as itís far from done and far from up to my standards ad expectations of myself when I set a high bar.


    Tomorrow evening I paint the last of the small pieces or pieces in general along with a couple resprays.

    It should be a easy weekend unless I opt to sandblast Saturday or Sunday. I probably should so I can keep this thing moving forward at a respectable pace.

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    Drop dead gorgeous. Have you used Brite Tex wheels? I run one on a buffer to either put a matte finish or to reshape metal slightly. The other wheel on the buffer is for rouge to brighten up the piece. They work well together. Dave

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    Looks good Patrick, I wouldn't coat the bare surfaces, probably just wipe on oil. Unless it's in a cold/damp shop it shouldn't be any trouble to keep it from rusting.
    Bumbling forward into the unknown.

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    You know Dave I have no idea what I’m using,

    My uncle has a baldor pedestal buffer with a coarse wheel and fine. The wheel gets dressed withnthis stuff that comes in a carboard stick like a push-up stick off the ice cream truck like when we were kids.

    I’ll look into what your suggesting. I need to get a buffer of my own and a grinder actually. But you know me I won’t buy anything a but baldor units on pedestals.

    Quote Originally Posted by David Kumm View Post
    Drop dead gorgeous. Have you used Brite Tex wheels? I run one on a buffer to either put a matte finish or to reshape metal slightly. The other wheel on the buffer is for rouge to brighten up the piece. They work well together. Dave

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