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Thread: Kitchen cabinet paint type

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    Kitchen cabinet paint type

    OK, I've been avid user of SW ProClassic on just about all my cabinetry work & almost exclusively recommend satin.

    But for an upcoming kitchen reface project they are insisting on semi gloss.

    I'll do it, but I'd like to go back to them with some good arguments against it, mainly that it will be too glary and will make the kitchen look cheap (couldn't come up with anything else).

    Of course for me, its the additional prep with SG as it shows every minute flaw.

    Their biggest argument is they think it has to be semi gloss to be resistant to stains or be washable.

    HELP I definitely don't want to do this!!

    My plan now is to build a couple mock up doors and paint with each type of paint and do another pitch.

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    There's no good argument that gloss or SG is more resistant to stains or more easily washed than satin, but it is true that all finishes get glossier the more they are rubbed, except of course ones that are already gloss. So if your clients are the kind to wash and rub every little speck off their cabinets a satin finish is not going to like it. Wherever they rub on it hard is going to get glossier.

    Out of all the choices, SG is likely the best. Gloss will get duller, satin will get glossier. SG will likely survive with the least change from those who just can't keep their hands off them.

    Personally, I like the satin, best, too, but you have to give the customer what they want. This time, it might be the best choice, too.


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    While I personally prefer the lower sheen of the ProClassic satin (which is closer to a semi-matte, IMHO), I agree with John that "what the customer wants" is kinda the most important thing if you've covered your concerns and they still prefer the semi-gloss. It is what it is.

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    It takes just as much work to prep for satin as it does for semi gloss and it is no more difficult to apply or finish off. About half the shops I worked in liked 30% gloss, the rest liked 60% gloss. It made no difference whatsoever to the work required. Just go with what the customer requested. I am not in favour of offering customers the opportunity to take their money elsewhere. Making up comparative samples is going to make them think you can't do it. Your excuses will sound like excuses. Good luck. Cheers
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    Just use a close, raking light to find any imperfections. ProClassic sands really nicely next day, so it shouldn't be a problem to do a perfect final coat. I've used semi-gloss, and satin, and don't see that much difference in doing the work. I recently bought a 9 dollar HDX 250w halogen work light from the sale section in Home Depot for the purpose. I didn't put the base, or the grill on the front on it. I had given up on halogen work lights a good while back, but this fit the bill for what I needed it for. It does still get hot, but the foam handle doesn't.
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