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Thread: Easy DC quick disconnect for hoses

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    Easy DC quick disconnect for hoses

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    I needed a way to make a simple quick hose disconnect for various tools.

    since I am using 5 inch pipe with my Supper Dust Deputy and then short 5 inch hose I took two toilet flanges sanded them flat then drilled with a forestner bit a flat hole 1/2 dia. Supper glued neodymium disc magnets into the flat face of the flange. I do this on two flanges and pay particular antention to the plolarity of the magnet so they attract each other. I used 4 magnets on each flange mine are .472 dia X .118 inch thick.

    I leak checked the flanges with the DC on and using incense sticks to see if the smoke is drawn in to flange connection.

    To flatten the face of the flanges I taped with double stick tape to a flat surface (Glass) 180 grit sand paper.

    With the 180 grit I removed the lettering on the face of the flanges, then moved to 220 paper to remove the sanding marks. Prior drilling and mounting the magnets.

    The Flanges I bought at Lowe’s is a Oatly 4 inch flanges ID is 4.0 inches OD is 4.5 inches.

    The smaller ID does cut down on the CFM from the original 5 inch hose however I have plenty of air flow to move the chips and saw dust.

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