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Thread: black spots on maple bowl

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    Interesting and thanks Robo and David for your replies. That would explain why it is so tenacious. But if itís mold why would it only be on the sides of the bowl and not the bottom (or the inside)?


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    I know it is frustrating but wood is wood. On the soft maple species I have seen this many times. I seal it with seal coat , then finish it it seams to help it somewhat. but you could always stain it or play around with some type of coloring

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Gaylin View Post
    Thanks Pat. That is reassuring. Also a bummer. Iíve turned several pieces of hard maple with no problems. Guess I will stay away from red maple in the future.
    I've turned quite a bit of both local sugar (hard) maple and soft (silver and red). I far perfer sugar maple and avoid the softer maples unless there is spectacular ambrosia, spalting, or other attractions.

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    Yes understood. My thanks to everyone who responded ó I learned a lot here. Iíve been reading the forum for awhile now. Nice how many helpful folks there are here.

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