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Thread: Saw Stop at Grizzly

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    Why is it a sticky? Because Shiraz is Papa Griz.
    Where did I put that tape measure...

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    i don't know how much they make off of a saw stop,,,but shipping is doubled!!!

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    I realize that it can be frustrating for lengthy backorders; and while I did have to wait a couple of months, I did have an unusual but ultimately positive experience. In August, I ordered a Grizzly 8" jointer with a spiral cutter (G0490X). I thought I would have to wait many months before it arrived, but I was fortunate that it arrived in November. When I say arrived, half of it arrived (the base). On the day that I was expecting delivery, I received a call from Grizzly asking if the machine had arrived yet; when I replied that it had not, the very nice lady said that she had some good news and some bad news. The good news being that the base would arrive that day, the bad news being that the bed had been misdirected to Florida. I was informed that in such situations the normal company policy would be to ship me a new machine, BUT there were no new ones available and that it would be months before a new shipment was expected. To make a long story short, when the bed finally arrived (two weeks later), it was apparent that the crate had been on the road a bit too long. As directed by Grizzly, I documented the condition of the crate and its contents. All things considered the jointer was in really good condition (a broken dust chute, bent corner on the depth of cut gauge, missing push pads, and a small scratch on the in-feed bed)...nothing that impacted functionality was damaged. Grizzly is sending a new chute and push pads as well as monetary compensation in the form of a gift card for products from their catalog. Perhaps the thing that impresses me the most is the fact that they took the initiative...they called me (on numerous occasions), I did not have to chase them down. While I wish the jointer had arrived when expected and unblemished, I am pleased very pleased with the product and the service!

  4. Just a quick note to let everyone know that if you are thinking of buying a Sawstop, do so now as there is a general price increase going into effect from them on Feb. 1, 2019.

    Our 2019 Catalogs will have the new prices showing, but be sure and call and get the current price if ordering before Feb 1. Thank you for your support.

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    Wishing they would bring Grizzly back to Pa...

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    Just seeing this now..... the annual Grizzly floor sales just got a LOT more interesting as there may now be opportunities to pick up a SS at "scratch and dent" prices.

    Who's up for a road trip?

    And OBTW, in my experience, Grizzly support is top shelf! Just find another importer who has a complete parts inventory and will even rewind a motor for you.
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    Can more then vouch for Grizzly customer support. Check out my thread from March of 2010 and the followup the next week or so. I am sure Shiraz will remembers these.

    Love these guys.
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    I can't see spending this kind of $$$ for a saw stop..I worked as a cabinet maker / trim carpenter for 30 years...You know what I lost a finger tip too..Complacency..Was a hole saw on a drill press...Just saying..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Beitz View Post
    Wishing they would bring Grizzly back to Pa...
    Second this. Perhaps nearer the population centers - like Delaware. That'd be a reasonable drive from NJ to the Northern Virginia/Tidewater area. Lots of people that are considering Grizzly products like to be able to inspect/push/poke/operate the machines they're considering.

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