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Thread: Advice on moving a big bandsaw

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    I moved a 20” bandsaw in a 4 cylinder Nissan 1/2 ton pickup 7 hours to my Father’s place. I took the table off and lifted the saw into the back of the truck with an engine hoist, wrapped it in a tarp and ratchet strapped the heck out of it. It stood upright at the front of the box. If it is easier to load and unload it standing then do so. Tied down properly it won’t move.

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    I just logged on to research this exact subject. I am picking up a Laguna 1412 tomorrow with a Jeep Grand Cherokee. My plan was to remove the table and put it in the back on its spine with the seats down. The top will extend a bit between the front seats and rest on the center console. This thread answered all my questions. Thanks.

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    Lighter weight band saws transport well on the spine with the table removed. Larger band saws (my larger bandsaw is a 1200 lb Powermatic 87) are better transported upright like the pic above.

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    How did the move go?

    I picked up my Laguna on Friday. No problem getting it in the Jeep. The transport went smoothly

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    With the European style saws, like others have said, lay it down on its spine and then strap down in a pickup truck. I did this all the time with the Agazzani’s. Back the saw up to the open bed and use the tailgate as a fulcrum to lay it down on its spine. The beauty of this is the reverse when unloading uses the same physics. Two guys should be able to handle loading/unloading.

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