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Thread: Any woodwork club members here?

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    Any woodwork club members here?

    I am doing research for Florida Westcoast Woodworkers club and would care to have a link to your website if you have one or a listing of your club name, general location and a copy of your bylaws. Feel free to include a description of what you do.

    My club has a website, and we post links to nearby clubs, but as far as I know there is no national listing of woodworking clubs. Do you know of one?

    I am revising our bylaws and looking for ideas. Thank you.

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    Fine Woodworking has a list. It's not completely up-to-date, but it provides a good starting point:

    As does Klingspor:

    And The Finishing Store:

    Between the 3, you should have a good list.

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    Thanks Dave.

    I'll see haw many have bylaws posted on their website, now that I have about a hundred to check!!!

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    Andrew, our NH guild has a website and it has the by-laws listed if you dig deeply enough through the various menus. We are 25+ years old and have around 600 members.
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