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Thread: Tariffs, taxes duties--?

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    not trying stir up anything, honest, but the worlds largest open pit copper mine (Kennecott) is 8 miles from me, and the cost of union labor all but closed the place down, it cost them more in labor just to excavate than China and others charged for finished product. If it wasn't for all the gold and other stuff they keep digging up the place would've closed years ago. And within spitting distance of 'my' boat harbor used to be Geneva Steel, at one point the largest steel mill west of the Mississippi, producing 60% of the country's steel...Closed in 2001, no longer able to compete. There's an old Silver mine (Mercur) that closed a LONG time ago, a few folk attempted to resurrect the place a few times, last time was sometime in the mid 90's, but they soon closed up...

    Some things just can't be brought back from the dead. Tariffs sure as hell aren't going to...

    And I've searched high and low for a USED fiber laser, all I can find are worn out megawatt cutting machines. All new ones that are sold from the US are either shipped from China, or have been shipped from China, with prices hiked to cover the tariffs AND so-called 'customer service'.

    Meanwhile, I guess I'll stay in 'wait mode', until I actually find a used 50w galvo fiber, or the asinine idea that tariffs will HELP anyone in this country finally gives way to common sense (not holding my breath for the latter...)
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    I'm in the same boat Kev, I've been looking at fiber lasers for a while. The prices had been going down so much that they'd be within my (mostly hobby-level) budget pretty soon, but suddenly the prices went way back up again, putting them back out of reach. For me, it's not "buy American or buy Chinese" it's "buy Chinese or buy nothing."

    I know a business could probably still make the costs work, but the unfortunate reality is that machines must pay for themselves. The tariffs will just make manufactured goods more expensive to compensate for the more expensive machines, meaning customers end up paying for the tariffs.

  3. Since the tariffs have hit us (adding another 25% to our cost to resell) we've decided to eat some of the increase in pricing just to keep our prices competitive. As an average we are paying an additional $1100 to $1600 for our 20W to 60W systems. If we were just reselling these systems, we would eat the entire cost but since we do provide service and training along with stocking parts (in Arcadia, CA) sadly we really have to pass on a good portion of this increase! It's a bummer but in the grand scheme of things it's not an outrageous price increase for your business but maybe so for the hobbyist.
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    I agree, you need to put it into perspective. A western Fiber is $40,000. A Chinese one was $10,000 4 years ago but have dropped to $5,500-6,000. Now they are at $8,000 with duties. Still seems like a bargain. You can make the different in duties in 1 day, quite easily. But complaining that they are no longer affordable compared to a western machine just isn't the case.

    The price on them is back to where it was 4 years ago before the priced dropped quite rapidly. Not like it's now a Chinese machine for $25,000 or a western machine for $40,000. It's still a sub $10K machine. That's a deal, taxes or no taxes.
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