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Thread: Tariffs, taxes duties--?

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    I agree, you need to put it into perspective. A western Fiber is $40,000. A Chinese one was $10,000 4 years ago but have dropped to $5,500-6,000. Now they are at $8,000 with duties. Still seems like a bargain. You can make the different in duties in 1 day, quite easily. But complaining that they are no longer affordable compared to a western machine just isn't the case.

    The price on them is back to where it was 4 years ago before the priced dropped quite rapidly. Not like it's now a Chinese machine for $25,000 or a western machine for $40,000. It's still a sub $10K machine. That's a deal, taxes or no taxes.
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    If a 25% increase due to the US/China Tariff war is too much, just wait a few months. I expect this to be over if not by the end of the year, by the 1st quarter of 2019. Every country/region has come to an agreement with tariffs except China, & their stability looks to be rapidly weakening. Only a matter of time now.
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    I'll probably be biting the tariff bullet to pick up a new machine before it gets worse. I can't wait till the farce is over with. The only saving grace is the (I assume) tax deduction.
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    Remember that the additional 25% tariff charges are applied to the original Chinese manufacturing invoiced price to the end customer or in my case a distributor. I can only speak to the additional charges for 20W to 60W Fiber lasers. You can expect to see an additional charge between $1000 to $2000 range depending on the model. We have seen some Chinese manufacturers trying to limit the tariff damage by creating 2 invoices, splitting the price in 2. They will only present 1 of the manufacturing invoices hoping to lower the tariff. We won't be doing that!

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