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Thread: "No Soup" Persimmon

  1. "No Soup" Persimmon

    This wood came from an old couple's yard. The man told me about the tree falling and said he thought it was a "Hackmore"... I thought maybe it would either be a Sycamore or a Hackberry, but when I got there discovered a Persimmon eat up with worms. I got one solid bowl out of it that I gave to them, and then started on this wormy piece.

    I spent a few hours pickin' out worm "residue" from all these holes. Several times - in between cramps in the hands - I asked myself if it was worth it... it could have been better, but it could have been worse... howz that for a self-assessment...

    7-1/2" wide, just shy of 3" tall, walls are 5/16" thick. I drowned it in BLO/TO and after it dried for a while I hand rubbed some wipe-on poly on and then polished by hand.

    Can't decide if I like the dark or light background - so you get 'em both...

    No soup outta this bowl - unless you eat fast!!!

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    I guess worms got to eat too huh?
    Man they did a number on that piece of wood!
    Nice unique looking bowl Mark!
    Glad you stuck with it, I can see many hours picking crap out of those holes.
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    Well, Mark looks like this piece has more worm tunnels than solid wood. No soup, no nuts, no wood....Nicely done on a piece of character filled wood!
    Big Mike

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    Great job Mark, you have more Patience that I do......

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    To echo what Dick said, definitely a lot more patience than what I'd have for something like that! Most certainly worth your efforts, Mark! Beautiful piece!
    John K. Miliunas

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    A Mark,
    I just TOTALLY agree with Jim, them worms didnt have a chance.

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    That is quite a piece. Not sure which way it looks better, upside down or rightside either case it is very nice.
    Bill Esposito
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    Hey Mark! If you cant eat soup out of that bowl you could use it as a colander whatta ya think?

    Seriously you did a great job with it and showed more patience than I have.



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    Wow Mark, nice job. I guess you have a little tiny poopy scooper.


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    I've always liked these wormy pieces, albeit they do make using the vacuum chuck, um...difficult! Nice job!

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    Awesome Piece Mark!!!! I love to see people turn the wormy stuff. Bruce Shiverdecker got me started and I can't get enough of it.....course, I get a little tired of worm guts being splattered on my face....but's worth it in the end
    I think I like the dark background with the concave pic and the light background with the convex. weird eh?
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