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Thread: Sources for 50 watt fiber-?

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    Sources for 50 watt fiber-?

    Biz just keeps booming! One of my machine shop customers just picked up a very nice job from a new company in town, and the parts he's making need laser etching, and he's been bringing me these things by the hundreds. Most of the lasering is basic etching, but just received some these parts that require deep laser etching. My Triumph will do this, but kinda slow for what they're asking for. So between all the extra work in general and the deep etching, I'm in need of another fiber, 50 watter minimum...

    I've found one that seems reasonable-
    price seems fair at under $11k, not much more than I paid for my 30w Triumph-
    China machine but US based seller, not an ebay fly-by-night-
    2 year warranty-
    portable type, perfect for my uses...

    but I'm curious as to what else may be out there. I've been checking off and on the past few months but haven't had time to really dig. Still don't! which is why I'm asking if any of you have any leads on other places selling these things? FWIW, Triumph doesn't offer a 50watter - yet...

    (running out of room for this stuff! )


    --edit-- okay, just checked their website, seems Triumph DOES sell a 50w fiber now! Pretty cool actually, has a motorized X-Y split table to automatically move larger parts! I'll send Yolanda an email and see what she has to say
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    So, Yolanda emailed me back with info on their machine-

    -50 watt JPT laser, the split-table traverses 300mm X and Y and automatically stitches the sections, so with a 110 lens you have a 400 x 400mm 'uninterrupted' working area. Hard to believe the price, now I need to find out the BS costs.

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    That would be cool if it works like it is supposed to......
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    this be it--

    watch the video, shows it doing its thing, in the flower-stuff engraving it shows 'sorta' how well the engraving matches up, but at the very end, it's pretty impressive (to me anyway), as it's moving to engrave their website name, it changes position after half-engraving the last letter, and after the change the engraving lines up perfectly. If only the rotary would do that

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    Got mine though DLM Lasers in Minnesota. Solid machine, but next time I may try one with a Z-axes.
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    So, does DLM build the machines themselves, import then sell, or sell then import?

    That 45 watt 351nm UV laser is interesting-- UV's are supposedly superb for machining and dark anneal marking, wish I knew more about them, like anneal speeds and such...

    I found a 50 watt fiber on IEHK, just over $7k including shipping, but not sure of duties, tariffs etc, waiting for an email back. I don't need a moving XY as much as 4 or 5 grand less removed from my bank account --

  7. I have a couple of customers that purchased from us because they used Google maps the check out DLM Laser... This is what they saw DLM.jpg! Not sure if it's a Google error but it's worked out for me. That being said, I know the Chinese manufacturer and I think the machines are fine!
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    I did get an email back from IEHK, seems a 'different' invoice can be made up to save on the extra 'frills'

    Reminds me of Bingo around here- it's illegal because it's a game of chance where you pay money in hopes of winning a cash prize. The way they get around it is, hey, the Bingo is free! You just have to spend $20 for dinner. And funny thing, the more dinner you buy, the more Bingo cards you get!

    So maybe they can bill me for $7000 worth of recyclable metal, and $500 for the laser source? That might bring the total down a bit?

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    Kev, I'm selling my 50 watt but I can't message you. Says you aren't accepting private messages.

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    I turned it back on, and tried to send you a message, says you need to free up some space!

    I checked out the 3804 you have, looks to be an enclosed cabinet model, if so, I'm afraid it won't help me out much, I'm in need of a 'wide open spaces' machine, about 80% of what I fiber would never fit in an enclosed machine... Let me know!

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    Are you sure, Kev? This thing can fit a lawnmower in it!

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    Will it hold 20" wide by 32" tall stuff? --Height is my big issue...

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    I just bought a 50w from Lucy at Consure Laser. There were some extra billing charges with shipping but she worked out a deal with me and I was better off than when I started. I cleared customs myself and saved some money there. I buy lots direct from China, DHL is my favorite freight company, easiest customs and lowest price for clearing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kev Williams View Post
    So, Yolanda emailed me back with info on their machine-

    -50 watt JPT laser, the split-table traverses 300mm X and Y and automatically stitches the sections, so with a 110 lens you have a 400 x 400mm 'uninterrupted' working area. Hard to believe the price, now I need to find out the BS costs.
    How much is the machine? Looks impressive.

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    screenshot of the email:

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