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Thread: Laser For Large (5'x10') Sheet Metal cutting

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    Laser For Large (5'x10') Sheet Metal cutting

    Hello All - I'm new to the Sawmill. Found it in an online search for more info on lasers for sheet metal work. If this is in the wrong section moderators - please move.

    I've seen Vytek, Kern, Trotec among others. I'm exploring options to bring my cutting in house (currently done by a sheet metal "job shop" using a production Trumpf laser (3-5kW) which is not in my price range unless I find a smoking deal on a used one). Honestly I'm not even ready to buy anything for a year or so, but trying to start doing my homework now. I want a 5' x 10' sheet capacity and would LIKE to be able to cut 3/16" or even 1/4" steel at times - but high majority of work in 18 ga steel.

    Not sure if this is even realistic for these "in between" machines? It seems like most users here are doing engraving with their lasers? Does anyone use regularly for sheet metal cutting? I plan to buy an American made machine if at all possible. I have looked at plasma and the cut quality is just not acceptable to me after using laser or waterjet for so many years. I may be forced to look at waterjet or a used industrial laser to do what I want? I'm wondering how speed of cut on these "mid-range" lasers compare to the larger machines. I know it's slower - but haven't got the specs yet to see just how much?

    Appreciate any user input or suggestions for options to consider

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    I worked for a company years ago that had a large laser for cutting sheet metal. I never got close to it because I was the HVAC service guy, one of many and the machine was in the sheet metal dept. I know it was big and not cheap. I did get to work on the refrigeration cooling system of one used to cut stainless steel for bulk milk tanks and it was also large. I think your talking about hundreds of watts, and that is expensive. My little 40 watt just cuts out plastic .

    Set up right a CNC plasma cutter could do a pretty good job. I've seen the work they do and its acceptable.
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    Welcome, I didn't see your thread earlier. We have a Mitsubishi 5kw at work, It is 3 years old. The cut quality is better than a sheared edge. The total cost was around 750k. I'm not sure how much you farm out, but its going to have to run 10 hours a day even if you buy a smaller 2.5 kw or not. You'll also need software to draw your pieces in. Be careful buying used. Technology changes frequently also make sure you will be able to get replacement parts and someone to fix it. A new vicon plasma is around 40k, the cut quality is very good and it is much easier to set up. I hope this helps.

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