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Thread: Poll: Do you wear a watch while woodworking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin Wasner View Post
    I like watches. If I had the money for something so frivolous, I would collect them. Stupid, but I like fancy watches.

    I priced out as Omega a number of years ago. Nothing crazy flashy, and I was willing to spend maybe $5k if I was never going to have to do it again. The stupid thing was $15k. NOPE. I'm well outside of their demographic.

    Id rather buy used with low mileage, and get a good deal. One of my friends bought a seamaster recently and I think it was pretty reasonable and to me looked brand new.
    Bumbling forward into the unknown.

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    No I do not wear a watch. I never wear a watch.

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    Nope. Never saw a need for one. Theres a fancy wall clock that I can see anywhere in the shop, but mostly I try to ignore it because it just makes me feel rushed. I like to be relaxed when Im working on something.
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    Yes unless I am turning. Too much dust on the wrist. I have more concerns though using my phone in the shop. The charge port gathered so much dust over time that it wouldn't charge.
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    Wore a watch for 50 or so years and then weaned myself of it with the iPhone. That worked out fine but the kids gave me an iWatch for Xmas and I wear it. I try to remember to take it off in the shop, but when it is on it tens to stay on. I just retired in April and the watch would have been a great tool when I was working but now is kinda overkill. My wife is always checking the heart rate, exercise, crap on it. That in itself is reason to not wear it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Van Huskey View Post
    While more of a Watchuseek forum post and extremely semantic cell phones aren't better timekeepers than most quartz watches and not nearly as good as an average HAQ movement, the timekeeping devices they sync to, however, are among the best humans can build.
    I always wondered if there were other WIS roaming around here. Here's my "shop watch":

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom M King View Post
    I didn't know that anyone but nurses, and sailboat racers wore watches any more.
    That's funny, because my wife is a nurse and we both race sailboats. I actually prefer a countdown timer mounted on the boat so all the crew can watch it when charging the mark rather than everyone synchronizing watches and having to look at their watch. The tactician works the timer and calls out times to mark. I am a watch fanatic, but I now only wear them when offshore sailing where I might need to resort to dead reckoning in the event of navigation system failure.

    That said, I want to ask about those saying they don't wear a ring in the shop. How is a ring a hazard? Seems if the ring catches on something, your finger was already going to catch on it. What am I missing? I take my ring off usually to protect the ring, like if I'm working on metal parts, but didn't really think of it as a safety hazard.

    To the person who wears their ring around their neck on a lanyard- now THAT would be dangerous!!! If you lean over your saw or jointer, and it slips out and catches- yikes!!!!

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    I won't own a cell phone, they are a waste of money and a drain on most everyone's brain. Even if I did I certainly wouldn't use it for telling time.

    My watch usually comes off when I walk in the door (of the house). But if I happen to have it on when I'm in the shop I don't make it a point to take it off. Rings are a whole different story. Working in electronics all my life I hardly where them, but if I happen to have one on when I walk in the shop (or work), it's an automatic action to take it off and put it in my pocket.
    My shop clock is a 100th anniversary Lionel Train clock. Every hour the train choo choos around the diameter of clock. Makes it easy to keep "track" of time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derek Cohen View Post
    Digital time is better for telling the time for those inexperienced in analogue time,
    Is anyone inexperienced in analog time? Most clocks are still analog; don't kids know how to read them?

    Almost went to Australia last year when our dog died, but then found out it was a 32 hour trip.

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    I stopped wearing a watch about 10 years ago.

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    Yes. Wear one while woodworking, sleeping, showering, swimming. It probably comes off my arm about twice a year. (Citizen Eco Drive)

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    Yes, i wear a watch while operating power tools. It's an analogue watch as well. No long sleeves, though.

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    I only wore a watch for a short time in grade school. I got one for Christmas from my dad, and put it on my wrist. Then I tried to wind it. Being on my right wrist, trying to get the winding knob was a job for a contortionist. Too much work. Being left handed, it always bothered me to have it on the left wrist. So I have never gotten used to having one.

    Now I use my phone or computer to keep time.

    One thing about digital versus analog time - everyone used to say 'quarter to' or 'half past' the hour. Now it is always '3:22'.

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    Nice collection, Van.

    I still wear a watch, but my wedding ring has been in the jewelry box almost since we were married 30+ years ago. When I was teaching I would generally take my watch off whenever I was in the metal shop or welding lab, but not in the wood shop where rotating hazards aren't as great (with respect to a watch band) as in a metal shop (think engine lathe chuck or milling cutter).

    Most of my watches are inexpensive plastic Timex or Casios, a combination of analog and digital, all with NATO straps. I also have a Citizen Eco Drive but it's too nice to wear around the shop. I still wear my 32 year old Sub occasionally, but not around the shop.

    I was amazed at the number of my students that couldn't tell time with an analog clock.

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    Yes, I wear a watch. No, Van Huskey can't have the Grand Seiko. He might be the only one here who even wants one.

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